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380 vacant posts of nominees in Gujarat will be given free vacancy to deputy committees.

Rajkot, Ta. 5:. In Gujarat, there are 380 vacant posts in the administration of secretariat in the administration. In September last year, more than 100 nominees were promoted as deputy collectors, and now they are conducting an Incharge Mamlatdar in place of the Mamlatdar. The state government has to promote 220 deputies as Mamlatdar. That order is likely to happen by the end of this month.

   After the matter of the Seniors of Deputy Managers, after going to the High Court, a new list of freshness has been finalized as per the guidance of the High Court. Preparing to promote 220 deputy committees to Mamlatdar is going on. Apart from this, 100 candidates who have passed the GPS examinations will be appointed directly as Mamlatdar. It is possible that the appointment of nominees will be appointed on 320 seats soon after 380 vacancies. Due to the promotion of deputy magistrates and the appointment of new nominees, huge administrative changes in the revenue sector are undergoing

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