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The world's first phone without battery, know how it works

People in the smartphone market give more importance to batteries. So people get all the information about the battery before buying the mobile. Although today's smartphones are having more capable batteries, smartphones can not satisfy users. In the meantime, you are going to tell the news that smartphone users will not be concerned about the battery. Scientists from the University of Washington have created a single smartphone, which means that smartphone users will no longer be concerned about the battery. Originally, scientists have created a smartphone, which does not have a battery. This phone runs without battery. There is also an Indian origin of the creators of this phone. Instead of batteries, this phone receives energy from the surrounding radio signal, or it runs on Solar Energi.

Shyam Golkota, associate professor of the University of Washington, said that we have built a zero-powered phone, which is the first smartphone in this way. This phone is capable of getting the energy from the vibrations in the microphone or speaker while talking. To transmit sound, this phone converts the sound into radio signals using the vibrations. When changing the incoming radio signals from the other to the sound.

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