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    Thursday 31 March 2016

    Start preparation of IELTS :- here is Speaking test taken – March 2016 Details

    IELTS, the International English Language Testing System, is designed to assess the language ability of candidates who want to study or work where English is the language of communication. The test was taken by 2 million candidates in the last 12 months in 135 countries. IELTS test scores are trusted and recognised by over 9,000 organisations worldwide, including universities, employers, professional bodies, immigration authorities and other government agencies. UNSW Institute of Languages is an approved IELTS testing centre.

    IELTS is jointly owned by the British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge English Language Assessment through more than 900 test centres.

    • You can book and pay for your test online from the convenience of your home, work or place of study.
    • Tests are held regularly on Saturdays and some tests are held on Thursdays.
    • The Listening, Reading and Writing tests are all taken on the same day.
    • The Speaking test will usually take place on the same day as the other test papers.
    • The IELTS test fee is AUD$330 (AUD$363 if a GST payment is required).
    • IELTS has a set fee for its test.  Each test centre in Australia charges the same amount.
    • The Academic (AC) and General Training (GT) tests have the same test fee.
    • The registration time on test day for all IELTS Tests is 8.00 am. If you need to have your photo and fingerprint taken, please arrive at 7:45am.
    • You must register and pay your IELTS test fee online. Hardcopy forms will no longer be accepted.
    • If you are taking IELTS for the following purposes, you do not need to pay GST:
    • Access to education ($330 GST-free)
    • Registration or licensing for a particular occupation ($330 GST-free)
    • Membership of a professional or trade association ($330 GST-free)
    • Employment ($330 GST-free)
    • Immigration - Skilled Migration for any of the above ($330 GST-free)
    • If you are taking the IELTS for any other purpose, including other categories of immigration, you will need to pay GST.

    UNSW Global cannot accept cash payments.

    Preparation Courses
    UNSW Institute of Languages offers both full-time and part-time IELTS preparation courses and as well as an online e-Writing Tutorial. Our e-Writing Tutorial and preparation courses are well recognised and our teachers are highly experienced and dedicated to preparing you for successful test outcomes.

    IELTS e-Writing Tutorial is an online one-to-one course designed to prepare students for the IELTS Writing exam. Separate Academic and General Training modules are available.

    Full-time intensive programs are available in five week terms throughout the year and cover each of the language areas included in IELTS.

    Preparation courses provide regular IELTS test practice and ongoing feedback in order to identify and work on your specific areas of need.

    Practice Materials
    The Official IELTS Practice Materials are available for purchase from UNSW Institute of Languages.  They are recommended for anyone who is unable to attend face-to-face classes and wants to improve their IELTS band score or test if their English is at the required level to take IELTS.  The Official IELTS Practice Materials are created by experienced IELTS materials writers and use materials approved by the IELTS partners: the British Council, Cambridge ESOL and IDP: IELTS Australia.

    The materials consist of a book and a CD and include the following resources:
    1. practice tests for Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing
    2. answer sheets for Listening, Reading and Writing
    3. answer keys for the practice Listening and Reading tests
    4. transcripts of the Listening tests
    5. sample candidate responses for Writing and Speaking tests, with examiner responses

    Test Format
    Academic Module
    General Training Module
    Writing - two tasks: 150 words & 250 words
    60 minutes
    60 minutes
    Reading - three sections
    60 minutes
    60 minutes
    40 minutes
    40 minutes
    11-14 minutes
    11-14 minutes
    2 hours & 45 minutes
    2 hours & 45 minutes

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