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Maths Tricks: Profit & Loss : Part - 4  in Gujarati

Math Tricks:  Profit & Loss - 4  in Gujarat : Special Aavakar Gk Page for Your Next Competitive exam. We are just doing help to our visitor for preparation of exam so always visitOur site to get exam materials... Maths Tricks Profit and Loss problems are directly relevant for not only entrance exams (like GMAT, GRE, CAT), but also for the MBA syllabus like Accounting, Financial Statements and more. In this article we cover the basic definitions, formulas, solved examples and wrap it up with some practice questions. Profit and Loss | Definitions, Formulas, Solved Problems

Basic Definitions and Formulas

Cost price (C.P.): This is the price at which an article is purchased.

Selling price (S.P.): This is the price at which an article is sold.

Profit or Gain: If the selling price is more than the cost price, the difference between them is the  rofit incurred.

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