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    Friday 28 April 2017

    New 2500 Talati's appointment, no vacancy will be left: Manoj Agarwal

    In Gujarat, examinations were held for recruitment of Talati minister (class-3) of panchayat in February last year. A job order is being issued by declaring the results. Today, a program for appointment of new employees of 5 cadre, including Talati in Saurashtra district panchayats, is organized in Rajkot today.

       In the conversation with Mr. Manoj Agrawal (IAS) Akila, the development commissioner who was present for the ceremony, said that there are 11500 places of Talati as per the setup in the state. At present, new 2500 Talati has been selected. After all those present on duty, almost all the positions of the Talati will be filled in the state. According to the setup, the number of talismanic forces will increase by 100%, the pleasant condition has arisen after almost 30 years. Now every year there will be enough vacancies to fill vacancies for reasons including retirement.

       Mr. Manoj Agarwal said that government grants are allocated on the basis of the village population for the development works of the village under 14 finance panchayats. Every year in January and September, payment is done in installments. The grants which are released from the government are deposited in the bank account of that village panchayat within 15 days. Government efforts are expected to be expected by rural administration through rural administration.

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