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On special request of various CA’s and other Tax Professionals, VG Learning Destination in association with Chartered Club has organised a GST Certificate Course in which all the provisions of the new GST Law would explained along with their practical impact.

To ensure that everyone gets an equal opportunity to learn the new GST Law and its applicable provisions, all the classes have been recorded which are now available in a Pen Drive. All the relevant provisions of the new GST Law and their practical implementation along with Impact Analysis has been explained in these videos.

The GST Course is being taught by 2 of the most experienced faculties in India with more than 30 years of experience each. A Certificate would also be awarded to all the participants who successfully clear the GST Exam after the completion of the GST Course.

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The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship has started a 100-hour certification course for preparing workforce of GST Trend Professionals. This course is starting on July 15. Under the Prime Minister's Skill Development Plan, this training program is being started at 100 centers in three cities of the country. The city is Delhi, Bangalore and Bhopal. ...

Chartered Accountants, Company Secretary, Commerce and Prost people grejayuetasa grejayuetasa, banking, stetastikasa, Financial Markets and Business Administration may be involved in the training program .... After this course, there will be a shortage of GST professionals. Professionals will help explain the GST within its client GST registration tax, GST and tax liability Calculation. ...

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