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    Sunday 9 July 2017

    Science tuition prices rose as soon as the semester system was abolished

    The semester system has been canceled in standard 11 and standard-12 science, while the state government canceled the semester system in standard 9 to 12 including science. The biggest blow to which tuition classes have fallen. However, now the class managers have been able to increase the tuition prices of standard 12 science to increase the income following the reduction in the number of students keeping tuition of standard 11 science. Some tuition administrators have even announced that they will be tuition of Std-12 science only if a tuition of standard 11 science is done. According to the information received, the state government canceled the semester system in science from the academic year 2016. The semester system has been canceled since 2018 in standard 12 science. So now only the standard 12th standard examination will be taken in science by the board. When those schools have been entrusted with the responsibility of taking the examination of standard 11 science. Earlier, all the four semesters of science were taking examination board and the results of science were declared based on the results of the four semesters.

    While examinations were conducted based on four semesters in science, most students kept tuition of four semesters. But now when the state government has canceled the semester system, the importance of standard 11 Science has reduced, now the students are only holding the tuition of standard-12 science and due to which there has been an impact on tuition managers revenue, they have increased the tuition prices of standard-12 science. Get. Earlier, a semester of Rs. 15 thousand fees were taken by tuition administrators. That is, all three semesters of one subject are worth Rs. 60 thousand was charged and if the student wanted to do four semester tuition then he would have to pay Rs. 10 thousand rupees discount 50 thousand were recovered. But now when tuition administrators have fallen short of days, the tuition classes, which are considered good, ranging from Rs. 35 to Rs. 40 thousand charges are being charged. While some tuition classes did not increase the price, but if the tuition of standard 11 is done then the standard 12 tuition will be done and will start charging more fees from them.

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