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    Wednesday 12 July 2017

    The gift of Modi government to the payers, now the amount of gratuity will be doubled

    New Delhi: The Modi government can give gifts to employees working in the private sector during the monsoon session of Parliament. Under which, the gratuity amount up to Rs 20 lakh may be tax-free. And this bill may also be introduced in the monsoon session. Currently, the taxpayers who are working in private sector are given tax-free up to Rs 10 lakh. According to sources, Labor and Employment Minister Bandaru Dattatreya may present a bill to raise the limit of gratuity in the next monsoon session of parliament to Rs 20 lakh. And if the bill is approved in the central cabinet, then private sector employees will also get a big advantage like government employees. It is important that, due to this, the employee will receive large financial fund at the time of his retirement.

    The monsoon session of Parliament is going on from 17 July. It is proposed to do research in the bill of gratuity in the above bill. So that the central government can determine the limit of gratuity based on employees' income and increase. And it can increase. Labor and Employment Minister Bandaru Dattatreya has said that this issue is already in the government agenda, answering a question about the bill regarding the payment of gratuity. After doing research in law, employees working in the private sector will be entitled to tax free of up to Rs 20 lakhs gratuity. Let us tell you that gratuity is only part of employee salary but the employee is not entitled to this image. Gratuity amount is payable after the employee leaves his job or after retirement.

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