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    Wednesday 29 November 2017

    Xiaomi reduces the price of its products, know what's going on

    Xiaomi has reduced prices of its products. In fact, this reduction has been done keeping in mind the decrease in GST. At present, the government has made changes in GST rates, and Xiaomi has now reduced prices of its products.

    The products that have been reduced include the back cover of Xiamen Power Bank, Mi's Backpack, Mi Charger, 2-in-1 USB fan and almost every smartphone.

    The prices of the products are as follows:

    Mi's car charger has now moved from 699 to 799.

    - One USB cable priced at 199 rupees can also be bought in 179.
    - You can buy a USB cable with a Type C port for Rs. 249. The company also reduced the cost of USB fans.
    - The cost of the Xiaomi Redmi smartphone cover is also reduced.
    Now the hard case of the Redmi 4 can be bought for Rs. 349. Earlier, its price was 449 rupees.
    - The back cover of the Redmi Y1 launched this month will be available at Rs 349. It was worth 399 rupees
    Redmi note 4 flip cover has been reduced to Rs 301.
    The value of the bluetooth speaker of MI has been reduced to 900 rupees. Now you can buy for Rs. 1799
    - The cost of Power Bank 2 of 10,000 MAH will now be available at Rs 1,099, before its price was Rs.1199.
    - 10,000 MAH of MI Power Bank Pro is now available at Rs. 1499. First of all, the price is Rs. 1599.
    Price of MI Business Backpack was Rs 1499, which will now be available in 1299.
    -Mi's 5V / 2A charger can now be purchased for Rs 349. Earlier, it was worth Rs 399.

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