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    Tuesday 27 March 2018

    TET 1 Result 8.36 - 92% Candidate Fail

    TET 1 Result 8.36 - 92% Candidate Fail TET-1's 8.36 percent result was recently announced by the State Examination Board. More than 92,000 candidates were registered for the examinations across the state. Of which more than 16,000 candidates did not come for examination. Thus, only 6341 candidates out of 75,000 candidates have succeeded in the same pass. Candidates have proved to be 'd' in primary school, and only 8.36% candidates have been able to pass. .

    TET-1 result was declared on Tuesday by the State Examination Board. Out of the total 75832 candidates, 6341 candidates were successful in getting passed and 69,491 candidates went missing. Thus, the result of TAT-1 overall was 8.36%. In the TET-1 exam, 91.64 percent of the candidates have been found out. Those candidates who were appearing in the examination to become a teacher have the same results as their own. Of the 74787 candidates present in the Gujarati medium, 68520 candidates have been found and 6267 have passed, thus the result of 8.38% of Gujarati medium has been passed. While 629 candidates out of 679 candidates have lost their English medium and 40 candidates have passed. Thus, the result of 5.89% of English medium has been achieved. Besides, 332 candidates out of 366 candidates in Hindi medium have been found and 34 candidates have passed. Thus, Hindi medium has 9.29 percent results.

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