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    Sunday 8 April 2018

    Educational Load in Gujarat Full Details

    Educational Load in Gujarat Full Details Among several initiatives taken by vibrant Gujarat, the Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat established by the Department of Education, stands out prominently as a major response to the very theme of the current century, which is being rapidly characterized as a gateway to the future where the human world family will at last come to create the network of relationships through the harmonizing threads of knowledge. Educational Load in Gujarat Knowledge has therefore become today the dynamic watchword, and major progressive steps of development are being measured in terms of advancing of knowledge and learning society. Indeed, the Department of Education, Government of Gujarat has manifested eloquently its commitment to the future by creating the Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat. Educational Load in Gujarat

    Educational Load in Gujarat Full Details

    Educational Load in Gujarat  Eligibility for Interest Subsidy 

    • The applicant must have received 60% or more percentiles in standard 12
    • The annual income of the applicant’s family must be less than or equal to ₹6.00 lakhs.
    • Students who have taken education loan from the scheduled bank on 04.07.2017or onwards to
    study in the country or abroad will be eligible for the benefit of this scheme.
    • The applicant should have passed the Higher Secondary Examination Board of Gujarat or the
    Central Board, passing the standard 12 examination of the Central Government and enrolled in a
    recognized University abroad.
    • This scheme is available for graduate / post graduate / diploma/professional courses.
    • The interest subsidy under this scheme will not be available to the students who have left study in
    the middle of the curriculum or have been expelled from the institutions because of any problem /

    Educational Load in Gujarat Full Details

    The scholarship provided by the Govt. of Gujarat is as under: 
    (1) Gujarat State higher education scholarship (For approx. 900 students)
    (2) Gujarat state interest free loan (620)
    (3) Scholarship to teachers’ children (35)
    (4) Gujarat State Post SSC intra-state scheme (30)
    (5) Gujarat state tribal belt resident’s higher education scheme (15)
    (6) Central Government Loan (100)
    (7) Scholarship for higher education in Hindi.
    (8) National Merit Scholarship (1440)
    (9) Sanskrit Scholarship (100)
    (10) Sanskrutik Pratima Scholarship (900)
    (11) National Talent Search (examination oriented) (750) – There are minor changes in these details every year.

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