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    Monday 30 September 2019


    GUJARAT NEW EXAM PATTERN STANDARD 9 TO 12 The Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board has modified the standard 9 to 12 examinations as NCERT STANDARD 9 TO 12 NEW EXAM PATTERN books are implemented. 

       GUJARAT NEW EXAM PATTERN STANDARD 9 TO 12 Execution of this change 9 and 11 will be done this year, whereas in Std. 10 and 12 in the year 2020 will be implemented. Std In the 10th and 12th, the MScu and OMR system has been abolished. Instead, questions of 20 marks will be asked. GSEB conducts the class 10 and class 12 exams for the students studying under the Gujarat board. The exams are held in the month of March and the results of which are out by the end of May. The questions asked in these exams are based on the pattern issued by Gujarat Board. To pass this exam with good marks, one should put some extra effort and practice the GSEB Question Paper. So, download the GSEB Question Papers to get an idea of the exam pattern.  Students need to first understand the GSEB syllabus before preparing for the subjects. Here are some steps which will help you achieve good percentile. Have a syllabus copy handy Make and follow a study timetable Revise each subject thoroughly Take up mock tests and solve GSEB Question Papers The previous year GSEB question papers will help you to get familiarized with the pattern, and the types of questions asked in the exams. One should try to solve this previous year GSEB Questions within 3 hours and 20 minutes because the actual exam is conducted for the same time limit. You can also check out the GSEB Sample Papers.


     There is no change in the 11 and 12 general stream papers. Std 9 examination is kept for 80 marks, while 20 marks will be given internally. In addition to this, the first examination -50, second exam is kept for 50 marks. A total of 200 marks will be examined throughout the year. The final score will be calculated by calculating 50% of the total. Earlier, the board had recommended not to keep 50 mark alternate questions in standard 11 and 12 science. This method created many problems. Some schools used to write answers. 5-5 points of first and second exams will be added to the Internet Std by School In 9-10 and 11, 20 marks will be given internally. 5 marks for first exam, 5 marks for second exam, 5 marks notebook submission and 5 marks for the project work. Std 20% objective in place of 50% MCQ in 10 50% of MCX has been removed in standard 10. Instead 20% will be objective questions. Along with the first 70 marks, 80 marks will now be examined. This 80-point paper will contain 16 marks objective and 64 marks short questions and essay-based questions. Standard 12 80 times long questions in the flow 50 marks of M.C.C. have been abolished in standard 12th science stream. At the place of 100 marks, 20 marks will be objective and 80 marks will be short, long and essay type questions. In the field of physical science, biology and archaeology, the work will have 50 marks.

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