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    Saturday 18 July 2020

    20 Lakh digital cadets to be recruited at Common Service Centers in small towns and villages

    20 Lakh digital cadets to be recruited at Common Service Centers in small towns and villages
    Each Common Service Center (CSC) will recruit 5 digital cadets
    There are about 4 lakh CSCs across the country
    Selected digital cadets will receive free training

    New Delhi. Government e-Governance Service CSC (Common Service Center) is planning to recruit 20 lakh digital cadets. The recruitment process will be completed this year. There are about 4 lakh CSCs across the country, serving different government and enterprise services in small towns and villages.

    CSC CEO Dinesh Tyagi said in a statement that 5 digital cadets will be recruited at each CSC. This digital cadet will provide doorstep service to the citizens. They will survey rural e-stores, delivery agents of farmer e-markets and other government agencies of CSC. The process of registration of eligible cadets will be completed in 1 month. Recruitment process will start after verification. Cadets will be paid according to their work.

    Deliver government schemes door-to-door
    According to the statement, the digital cadet will deliver door-to-door information of government schemes and programs. They will also inform the citizens about the schemes announced by the government during Kovid-19. Digital cadets will help people create credit profiles and get credit from banking channels.

    To work as a Digital Cadet in CSC, a candidate can register using his nearest CSC VLI (Village Level Enterprise). This registration will be done with CSC ID. Eligibility required for application is also stated on CSC VLI.

    Digital cadets selected from CSC VLI will be given free training. CSC will bear the cost of training and skill development. T-shirts and hats will be provided free of cost to digital cadets across the country.

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