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    Wednesday 5 August 2020

    Damini Lightning apps is developed by IITM-Pune and ESSO

    Damini Lightning apps is developed by IITM-Pune and ESSO.

    The apps is monitoring all lightning activity which are happening in specifically for all india.
    and alert you if lightning is happening near you by GPS notification. under 20KM and 40KM.

    Details description of instruction, precautions is provided in apps while in lightning prone area. Does and Don't for in specific situation is strictly followed when lightning happen near you for your safety purpose.

    Lightning Alert

    Most likely to be struck by lightning

    The possibility of lightning is directly related to the natural elements in the earth's crust. Soil contains a variety of chemical and mineral elements. It is also related to the structure of rocks and their specific elements. For example, the soil that has the most magnetic elements has the highest risk of being struck by lightning, as such magnetic elements attract electricity the most. Also, the risk of lightning is much higher in areas where rocks are rich in granite and magnetic elements. Apart from Kerala and Maharashtra in India, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh have the highest number of lightning strikes. Many people die every year in lightning strikes in Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath, Badrinath, Uttar-Kashi etc. areas of Uttarakhand and Nashik district of Maharashtra. This means that the soils and rocks of Uttarakhand and Nashik have high levels of magnetic and elements.

    Different types of electricity

    Lightning in the sky may seem similar, but the fact is that meteorologists have determined different types of lightning based on intensive research and study. For example Cloud-to-Cloud Lightning (i.e. lightning from cloud to cloud), Positive Lightning, Ribbon Lightning, Forked Lightning, Rocket Lightning, Ball Lightning, Blue Lightning, Upper Atmosphere Light. All these horrible and eerie forms of beautiful, beautiful and green nature are also worth knowing and understanding.

    Monsoon Damini App: Lightning Alert DownloadHow to use

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