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    Friday 21 August 2020

    k8school : India’s First Accredited Online School @k8school.com

    k8school : India’s First Accredited Online School A school for all Kindergarten to 8 graders. If parents want their children to study in a school that provides the best combination of world-class school education, traditional Indian values, modern-world skills and character-building, then we are the right school for them. 

    k8 school information


    We are a school created by educators, collating learnings from their years of experience and research, hand-picking the best educational practices from around the world and restructuring all of those in a format that is best suited for Indian learners. In the process of doing so, our team has interviewed thousands of teachers, learners and parents, with attention to every intricate detail and feedback. At K8 School, we are thus happy to create a school that is designed and curated to provide solutions to all the learning and teaching woes. k8school's official website is k8school.com

    k8school Vision & Mission

    k8school Vision & Mission are given below.


    To create a learner-friendly school that ensures and provides world-class quality of learning & teaching by providing a school environment that is personalized, learner-focused, flexible and inspiring, thus motivating learners to excel in academics, career, interpersonal relationships and life; and develop into individuals who are willing, able and matured to contribute towards sustainable development of self, others, society and world.  


    • Further and support the legacy of ancient Indian education systems through simultaneous inclusions of modern practices in global school education.
    • Prosper the spirit of continuous and comprehensive academic excellence among all learners and institutions.
    • Inspire educators, parents and all stakeholders to contribute towards holistic development of young learners.
    • Involve eminent contributors from all walks of life to participate in the process of nation-building through the medium of education.
    • Create an inclusive school where all learners in Primary & Middle Grade are provided equal yet customized learning opportunities irrespective of their learning requirements, limitations and demographics.
    • Support the vision, mission and initiatives of Indian governments at State & National levels.
    • Develop a school education system that is based on the internationally ascribed standards of accreditation.

    k8school Approach

    There are many ways that set us apart. However, the most important of those are listed in 10 simple points mentioned below:

    • We work on the holistic development of all learners and not just on education.
    • We provide individualized learning experience and personal attention to each and every learner and our teaching methodology is adaptive and sensitive to the learning requirements of each learner.
    • We give learners their time, space and environment to learn at their preferred pace.
    • We involve parents regularly and actively in our teaching and support process.
    • We provide the best range of activities for development of all learners.
    • We use scientific methods and research to design curriculum and syllabus.
    • We prepare all learners to be above a certain minimum level in all subjects and courses.
    • We utilize the best available tools, diagnostics and technologies in learning & teaching.
    • We are accredited by the world’s leading school accreditor, Cognia.
    • We love to invest time, efforts and energy on our learners because teaching is our passion.

    k8school Programms


    • Pre-K
    • Grade K

    Primary School

    • Grade-1
    • Grade-2
    • Grade-3
    • Grade-4
    • Grade-5

    Middle School

    • Grade-6
    • Grade-7
    • Grade-8

    For k8school Information Click here

    k8school Registration Proceass

    Please follow the given process to Register with k8school:

    • Student Details
    • Fill in the basic information of student
    • Parent/Guardian Details
    • Fill in the information of parent/guardian
    • Program Selection
    • Choose your Program
    • Review and Payment

    To Register at K8 School Click here

    K8 School facilitates

    K8 School facilitates customized learning to the learner by:

    • providing counseling wherever and whenever it is required;
    • supporting a flexible and accessible learning atmosphere within the comfort of their home;
    • aiding the learning process as per the skills, interests, and aptitude of the learner,using a learner-centric approach;
    • paying specific attention to the slow and gifted learner;
    • regular one to one support from the teachers;
    • train the teachers as per the individual needs of the child;
    • incorporating various teaching strategies as per the child’s learning style and pace.
    Read more information at official website k8school.com

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