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    Monday 12 October 2020

    VACATION DATE DECLARER - Common Academic Calendar Announced by Gujarat Education Department, Find Out How Long Diwali Vacation Will Be

    VACATION DATE DECLARER - Common Academic Calendar Announced by Gujarat Education Department, Find Out How Long Diwali Vacation Will Be: In view of the situation arising due to the corona virus, the Romanian government today made some important announcements on education. Addressing a press conference, Chief Minister's Secretary Ashwini Kumar said that there would be a vacation till June 1 in primary, secondary and upper secondary schools in the state. "Earlier, we had decided that the academic session was to be started on April 20 this year but due to lockdown it is not possible to start the academic session on April 20, so it has been decided that a vacation of primary, secondary and higher secondary schools will be made on June 1," he said. Then there will be men.

    The Common Academic Calendar has been announced by the Department of Education. Calendar has been announced for the department except Medical and Pharmacy. Accordingly, Diwali vacation will be from November 6 to November 18. Thus will be a 13-day Diwali vacation. The new academic year will have to start by July 1, 2021

    Dates have been announced for completion of UG, PG, GTU and Professional courses. According to which the course has to be completed in phases from 1st December 2020 to 1st August. It is also suggested to take online offline classes if required and take exams in the same manner.

    Experimental works can be started after October 15, but only 15 to 20 students can come. Internal assessment is compulsory for students but internal examination will not be required. In the structure of semester system, the ratio of internal and university examination marks is kept at 30:70. The university which has taken the internal examination will have to evaluate accordingly.

    Apart from that, he made three big announcements on the fees of schools. He said the parents would get another six-month term to pay the fees for March, April and May. After the lockdown, schools will not rush to recover the fees. It will also be agreed to pay monthly fees instead of quarterly. Apart from that, he said that the central evaluation work of the examination papers of the Board of Standard-I and III. April 7 will start on Thursday.


    Announcing another, Ashwini Kumar said that no school in Gujarat will be able to raise fees in the coming academic year. Depending on the financial position and convenience of the guardian, the limit of payment of fees will be increased up to 6 months if required.


    Further, Ashwini Kumar said that not a single school in Gujarat can force parents to pay fees. Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama held a fruitful meeting with the school administrators in this regard, as a result of which these decisions have been made.

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