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    Saturday 1 April 2017

    BAOU B.ed First Year Result Declared

    Gujarat, a panacea of eddies of a vast repertoire of rich, flowing cultural rhythms enmeshed, evolving and ever changing based on an undulating vista of a landscape which this state has in an abundant variation of topographical and geological formations.  The varied topography of the state has resulted in a splendidly diverse series of goods and materials which have formed the basis of a trade relationship with other civilizations leading back to thousands of years.

    Gujarat is one of India’s leading states in business and commerce Gujarat is one of India’s leading states in business and commerce and has a richly varied heritage of art and culture which finds its roots in rural and cottage activities and livelihoods. Gujarat has a richly diverse tradition of folk arts, crafts, textiles all of which not only serve to enhance beauty but are also significantly designed to be valuable utilities. Archeological evidence has time and again indicated crafts and textiles from Gujarat being traded all over the world.

    The important and distinguishing objectives for BAOU are to: Advance and disseminate learning and knowledge by a diversity of means, including use of any communication technology, Provide opportunities for higher education to a large segment of the population, Promote the educational well-being of the community generally, and * Encourage the Open University and distance education system in the education pattern of the Sate

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