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    Wednesday 5 July 2017


    Ahmedabad: Gujarat State Secondary Education Board has declared the format (format) of the question paper of the standard 10 and 12 examinations in March 2018. This pattern, announced with a few changes, will be tested based on Knowledge-Based and Skills. In the meantime, on July 8, in the standard 10 and two in the standard-12 in 1 subject, 4 lakh students will get supplementary examination. According to the next paragraph, questions like very short-long and short as well as essays have been divided into two parts separately. In a 100-mark paper, complete instruction is given in the form of a complete examination of the student.

    Group-A and Group-B are divided into two categories of Class-10 Gujarati, Hindi, English, Social Science, Mathematics and Science subjects. Group A has 50 marks and 60 minutes of time for it. There are three sub-groups in Group B, in which there will be long questions such as short questions, big questions and essays. Students will be given 30 minutes of time for this. Marks are divided into standard-12 science streams and general streams, according to 28 marks of knowledge, 36 marks of the understanding, 17 marks of the aim, and 19 marks of skill, together with a total of 100 marks. Each of these questions will include these four things. Students will have to prepare their exams according to the new paradigm, also declaring how many periods of textbooks will be given.

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